AEGIS Boost – A Great Vaporizing Tool

The GeekVape AEGIS Boost combines a powerful processor, a large nicotine dose battery, and a huge vapor delivering bag with a top quality glass tank. This vaporizer offers a variety of different settings to fit any paper’s personal need. There are also a lot of features to be aware of when using the AEGIS Boost.

aegis boost

The most unique aspect of the AEGIS Boost is its “shock resistant” tech. The vaporizer will not turn off if you accidentally shock it. Instead, it will remain on and continue to heat up. The vapor will be extremely safe for human inhaling. But what if you want to enjoy the warm vapor then the AEGIS Boost has a pod that you can remove from the vaporizer.

The geekvape aegis boost contains a standard e-juice cartridge and two ceramic coils that can produce sixty seconds of maximum flavor. The AEGIS Boost uses the same Ohm technology as the original AEGIS by Vandy Vape but the company has added a layer of insulation between the two coils. The outer coils are covered in a smooth black colored insulation that prevents heat conduction.

Both the AEGIS Boost and Vandy Vape AEGIS Bundle come with the Ohm style of batteries. Ohm batteries have proven to be very reliable and are great with both rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries. These vaporizers also come with adjustable airflow control, a leak-proof glass body, a stainless steel spring loaded deck, and a four-pin battery connector. There are also many colors available with these vaporizers like green, red, blue, silver, and pink. Some vaporizers even include a travel kit.

The AEGIS Boost Pro is a simple, but efficient electronic vaporizer. Many of the newer models of these electronic vaporizers use the new microchip technology which allows them to run on a tiny amount of power, so they can be recharged instantly. If you want a portable electronic device then the AEGIS Boost Pro is perfect, and it is also extremely compact and light weight.

There are a few different things that make this electronic device different from all of the other AEGIS vaporizers. The first thing that sets the AEGIS Boost apart is that it does not use the typical glass jar that most of the other models use. Instead it utilizes a metal screw threading to prevent leaks in the event that a glass jar is used. This prevents leakage of the flavored oil into the air and gives you more battery life. There are three coils inside the AEGIS Boost, and each one holds a flavor of your choice, so it is possible to change your flavors very quickly if you wish.

The great thing about these units is that they have an amazing array of adjustable features. The most amazing feature is the ability to adjust the wattage at which you are able to get the perfect hit every time. The adjustable wattage on the AEGIS Boost Pro is from five to sixty-five watts. There is a special airflow system that can allow you to create clouds or get a smooth, mellow airflow without over blowing your coils.

One of the greatest parts about the aegis boost is the fact that it is compatible with a multitude of different electronic devices, such as the geekvape vaporizers and the jackaroo vaporizers. The two electronic devices that work well with the AEGIS boost are the vaporizers made by GeekVape and the iPod. With so many different electronic devices that work with the jackaroo and geekvape vaporizers, it is hard to find a product that will not be compatible with the AEGIS Boost. This product will fit most electronic devices out there, which makes it a great everyday vaporizer for all vapers, whether you are someone who just wants a little help to start enjoying a flavor that once tasted awful or someone who wants to get everything going when it comes to vaporizing e-juice.