AEGIS Boost Kit – Product Review

geekvape aegis boost

If you are looking for a perfect gift for someone who is a huge fan of the electronic industry, try the GeekVape aegis boost. It is one of the newest models in the market and it has received rave reviews from professional reviewers. It is also highly recommended for professional use because it has an innovative light technology. The built-in system will calculate the total delivery cost after you decide on the delivery destination. In particular, the Aegis Boost Pro can support IP67 dust, water, and shock protection.

The new vaporizer does not require a large device to work because it utilizes the new USB-C port. This means that it can be used as a portable vaporizer which can be taken anywhere. If you need to stay connected even when you are going out of town, the battery can be recharged using the provided charger cable. If you are not fond of the idea of carrying a long cord with you everywhere, the USB-C port of the geekvape aegis boost pro is your perfect choice.

There are two types of this product, the normal one that can be used in any manner you wish and another model which are powered by the turbo button. You can regulate the power through the adjustable airflow control. This is where you can choose from low, med and high wattage. If you are into variable wattage, you would be happy to know that you can adjust the airflow in accordance with the wattage. The variable airflow control of the geekvape aegis boost can be adjusted from five millimeters to seven inches at the bottom of the tank.

Another feature of the Airexia Boost is the temperature control feature. The temperature can be adjusted using three different adjustment buttons. When you use the turbo button on the product, you will instantly get a hit of adrenaline rush. If you want your vapor experience to be cooler, you can go for the low setting. If you want a stronger flavor, you can go for the medium setting while the high wattage can be adjusted using the up and down buttons. There is also a calculator feature built in into this Aries model.

You do have to be aware of some minor drawbacks of the GeekVape Aries Boost. First, it only produces a sufficient amount of vapor. It may not be able to produce thick clouds for you. Second, you need to recharge the batteries every time you use the vaporizer. Using the included charger is very easy but you need to make sure that the batteries are fresh before using the kit.

The other great thing about the Aries Boost is that there is an airflow control ring which can be used to change the airflow of the kit. You can choose between a light air flow or a strong stream. If you are fond of deep vapes, this is the one for you. This unit has a one year warranty, so you are free from worrying about the unit breaking down soon after purchasing it. The coil is made from stainless steel, so you can trust its longevity.

The GeekVape Aries Boost comes with a beautifully designed air stone, a clear eartube, a front drip cover, a stainless steel adjustable coil and a front air blast. The heat exchanger is made of dual layers of zinc alloy. This helps to maximize the efficiency of the unit. The heat exchanger also helps in minimizing the build-up of carbon fibres.

There are plenty of advanced features in the Aries Boost. Most of them are available in a starter kit, which costs only $50. There is a full package, which includes the box, the coil, the zip around glass, the atomizer head, the airflow control ring, the battery, and the glass replacement. All of these items can be found online at varying prices. You can check out some price comparison site before purchasing to get the best deal and product.