Are They Dangerous?

“Vaporizers are great for you!” you might be thinking. But, do you really want to become addicted to vaporizing chemicals and not just smoking? You may be surprised at what you find out about the dangers of vaporing.

vape smoke

You probably already know that vaporizing certain chemicals, such as nicotine or propylene glycol, is less harmful to your lungs than smoking. But, many people don’t realize how much harm vapors can do. Some things are worse than others. Things like paint and certain foods can cause damage to your lungs if you’re not careful.

There are two main ways that e-liquid is made, by burning or by boiling water and heating it. By vaporizing the liquid in the first way, the harmful chemicals are inhaled directly into the lungs. The vapor mixes with the oxygen in the air and creates a chemical reaction that burns the liquid.

The chemical reaction also creates an addictive substance. Inhaling the vapor produced from these cigarettes has been compared to the feeling one gets after lighting up a cigarette. But, there are some differences. While smoking a cigarette causes damage to the smoker’s lungs and causes long-term harm, vaporizing the cigarettes do not cause any long term damage and some of the harmful chemicals are also excreted from the lungs.

The problem with vaporizing e cigarettes is that they are more convenient. You can’t drive down a busy road or try to fight smoke inhalation on your own. You also don’t have to worry about being caught in public using an electronic cigarette. No one will see you lighting up and guess what? Your lungs will smell as bad as they would if you were smoking a cigarette.

There are several concerns about the ingredients used in vaporizing tobacco. Nicotine is addictive and toxic, but it is also a highly effective drug. It mimics the effects of morphine, which is used for pain and is highly addictive. Manufacturers are aware of the health risks associated with nicotine and decided to use it in their product. As a result of this, we are now experiencing a new generation of highly dangerous tobacco with all sorts of harmful chemical agents.

One of the most worrying things about the dangers of vapourizing e- cigarettes is that animal studies have shown that they can cause cancer in lab rats. The findings were made by animal studies that were carried out on rats that were addicted to nicotine. The rat was given nicotine through the e- Cig and the results showed that it developed cancer cells. Although animal studies cannot prove that vapourising tobacco causes cancer in humans, it is definitely something to be concerned about.

So is inhaling vapourising e liquid dangerous? If you are a casual smoker then maybe it is not, if you are a daily smoker then you will definitely want to take a look at this new product. However, as with any new technology there are always potential hazards and complications. We are just simply learning more about the different components in each of the new kinds of vaporisers that are on the market.