IJOY Captain PD270 TC Box Mod Review

IJOY Captain PD270 TC Box Mod, the original color edition, with 2 pieces of 20700 battery included is an infallible option if you desire a vaping TC Box Mod device with rich functional modes, strong power, reliable performance, portable style and eye-catching appearance. The 0.96inch OLED display is designed to obtain accurate operation data, such as the selected mode, vaping time, puff counting, resistance, wattage, real-time battery life, etc. 6 colors optional.

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IJOY Captain PD270 234W TC Box Mod $41.27 (without Battery)

Main Features:
1. Incidental 2 pieces of 20700 batteries with max power 234W, available for a powerful and enduring vaping
2. 4 working modes adjustable, better to customize the taste you prefer
3. Equipped with a USB port, support recharging the device and updating firmware
4. 0.96inch OLED large screen, show you the detailed operating data

Brand: IJOY
Model: Captain PD270
Battery: 2 x 20700 ( Included )
Output Mode: Power / TC ( Ni / Ti / SS ) / TCR / User
Max Output Wattage: 234W
Resistance Range: 0.05 – 3.0ohm
Screen: 0.96inch OLED display
Thread: 510
Product Size: 8.9 x 4.8 x 3.2cm
Package Size: 12 x 10 x 6cm
Product Weight: 0.25kg
Package Weight: 0.32kg

Package Contents:
1 x IJOY Captain PD270 Mod, 2 x 20700 Battery, 1 x 18650 Adapter, 1 x 510 Drip Tip Adapter, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Manual, 1 x Warranty Card

Thunderhead Creations Tauren ONE RTA Review

The highlight of the Thunderhead Creations Tauren ONE RTA is the 26-hole internal airflow structure and dual-slot external air outlet, inevitable to smoothen the flavor, thicken the vapor and reduce the impact on your throat. Thunderhead Creations Tauren one RTA allows you to enlarge thopqr loading capacity with the incidental 4.5ml bubble tube according to your actual vaping time and flavor requirement. You can finish the rebuilding within seconds benefiting from the single coil deck, keeping a pleasing mood from the assembling to vaping.

Main Features:
1. Single coil build deck, easy to build-up
2. Top filling design, simplify the refilling
3. Powerful airflow system, consist of a 26-hole 3D honeycomb construction and dual air outlets on the bottom
4. Incidental frosted PC bubble tube, accessible to a 4.5ml large capacity
5. Detachable structure, support cleaning

Brand: Thunderhead Creations
Model: ONE
Material: 304 stainless steel
Drip Tip: 810
Deck: Single coil building
Capacity: 2ml ( Expanded to 4.5ml )
Diameter: 24mm
Product Size: 2.4 x 2.4 x 4.1cm
Package Size: 8 x 4 x 6cm
Product Weight: 0.123kg
Package Weight: 0.16kg

Package Contents:
1 x Tauren One RTA, 1 x Allen Wrench, 1 x 4.5ml Frosted PC Bubble Tube, 1 x Bag of Extra Screw & O-ring, 1 x Aluminium Alloy Box with 510 Basement

Thunderhead Creations Tauren ONE RTA 4.5ml Components
Thunderhead Creations Tauren ONE RTA 4.5ml Single Coil Build Deck
Thunderhead Creations Tauren ONE RTA 4.5ml Coil Installation
Thunderhead Creations Tauren ONE RTA 4.5ml Airflow System
Thunderhead Creations Tauren ONE RTA 4.5ml Refilling System
Thunderhead Creations Tauren ONE RTA 4.5ml Airflow Control
Thunderhead Creations Tauren ONE RTA 4.5ml Bubble Tube
Thunderhead Creations Tauren ONE RTA 4.5ml Package

Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max Mechanical Mod Review

The Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max mechanical mod is generous in working with an exteral 18650 / 20700 / 21700 battery to create a satisfying vaping for you. Treated well with designs of the 360 degrees full-contact and low voltage drop, you would definitely surf in a pleasant vaping with impressive power. Shaped in a palm size, it gets well with your pocket, handbag, wallet and so on when taking it out.

Main Features:
1. Compatible with single external 18650 / 20700 / 21700 battery, easy to match up
2. 360 degrees full contact design, efftctive to improve the responsiveness
3. Brass construction, guarantee the conducive stability
4. Pocket style, easy to carry with you

Brand: Thunderhead Creations
Model: Tauren Max
Battery: 1 x 18650 / 20700 / 21700 ( Not included )
Material: Brass
Features: Waterproof / shockproof / dustproof
Thread: 510
Product Size: 2.6 x 2.6 x 9.5cm
Package Size: 3.8 x 3.8 x 11.2cm
Product Weight: 0.161kg
Package Weight: 0.285kg

Package Contents:
1 x TAUREN MAX Mech Mod, 1 x 18650 Battery Adaptor, 1 x Storage Box, 1 x User Manual

Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max Mechanical Mod Specifications & Features
Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max Mechanical Mod Overview
Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max Mechanical Mod handshake
Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max Mechanical Mod battery support
Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max Mechanical Mod button
Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max Mechanical Mod Lock System & components
Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max Mechanical Mod Solid Package
Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max Mechanical Mod Colors

How to open and replace vape liquid

If you have purchased an electronic cigarette (VAPE) and the liquid cap does not open when you try to use it, or if you want to try another liquid but do not know how to replace or replace it, how to open the liquid cap and how to replace it. We will also introduce detailed preventive measures and types of electronic cigarettes (VAPE) that can be used easily and conveniently, so please take a look at this article and enjoy electronic cigarettes (VAPE).

Open the vape liquid correctly

Have you ever been interested in electronic cigarettes (VAPE) and bought it, but you don’t know how to open or replace it, and have trouble adding or replacing liquids? For people who cannot open the liquid cover or do not know how to replace the liquid cover, here are step-by-step instructions. Be sure to make full use of electronic cigarettes (VAPE) and enjoy the fashionable life of VAPE.

About child lock
The liquid lid of the electronic cigarette (VAPE) has a child lock. Liquid is a chemical substance, with spices added to food additives and vegetable glycerin. Some liquids manufactured and sold in Japan do not contain nicotine tar, but some liquids ordered from abroad do contain nicotine. It is said that electronic cigarettes (VAPE) are safer than cigarettes, but if your child accidentally drinks electronic cigarettes, it may cause trouble. This is why there is a child lock on the liquid cap. This can prevent the lid from opening easily if your child does evil. Even if you rotate the cap like a normal bottle, it will only spin idly. Therefore, many people mistake it for “not open”.

Basic opening and closing
The liquid has a child lock, so even if you turn the cap as it is, the top of the cap and the bottle will not engage and will rotate freely. Therefore, in order to open the liquid correctly, it is necessary to turn the cap while pressing the cap against the bottle. Just like opening a PET bottle cap, turning it counterclockwise can open it smoothly.

You can close the lid without pushing it open. Rotate clockwise. After closing the lid, turn the lid counterclockwise instead of pressing it to ensure that the child lock is in place.

Correctly replace the electronic cigarette (VAPE) liquid (add, replace)
The process of replacing the liquid is “Atomizer cleaning -> Drying -> Liquid injection”. Once you remember it, it’s not that difficult, but there are a few things to remember. Check the program carefully, then add and replace the liquid correctly.

Atomizer cleaning
The only cleanable part of an electronic cigarette (VAPE) is the atomizer. The atomizer is a combination of a liquid storage tank and a coil unit, and the quilt is wrapped inside the coil unit. There are three cleaning methods: “water or warm water”, “absolute ethanol” and “ultrasonic cleaner”, but this time we will introduce the simplest “water or hot water” cleaning method.

Disassemble the atomizer, remove the coil unit at the same time, and clean it with water or warm water. If there is the last used liquid in the liquid tank or coil unit, the taste and smell will mix together, so please wash it thoroughly. Especially cotton cloth is soaked in liquid and needs to be washed thoroughly.

Since there are many small parts, you can put the disassembled parts in a colander for safe cleaning to prevent loss. However, some liquid storage tanks are made of glass, so be careful not to break them. If it is very dirty, please wash it with a neutral detergent, then rinse it thoroughly, or immerse it in water or hot water. You can also disinfect by boiling, so you can keep the atomizer clean once a month.

However, be careful not to get the main body (battery) part wet. Since many products other than atomizers are not waterproof, they may cause problems after cleaning. After disassembling the electronic cigarette (VAPE), you can only take the atomizer into the sink, etc.

Drying is an important procedure to prevent water damage. When disassembling, place it on absorbent materials (such as kitchen paper) to dry for half a day to a day. But before that, please wipe the water in the gap with a paper towel or cotton swab. In particular, if the cotton is damp, it will not emit smoke, and when you breathe in the cotton, hot liquid will be ejected. Let’s do it well.

Liquid injection
Once dry, finally pour the liquid into a storage tank. There are two types of liquid storage tanks, one for placing liquid from the top and the other for placing liquid from the bottom. Make sure you know the electronic cigarette (VAPE) you are using and pour it in carefully so that it does not fall into the middle hole.

At this time, if you put too much liquid, the liquid will leak from the mouthpiece, so put half to 70% of the liquid in the liquid tank as a guide. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes after injection, and soak the cotton cloth in the liquid before use. Insufficient immersion will cause air burning and shorten the coil life.

By carefully washing and drying in this way, it is possible to enjoy the liquid by exchanging (replacing, replenishing) the liquid without mixing the taste and smell. After filling the liquid, you only need to assemble it, but please be careful not to tighten it too tightly during this process. It may damage the threads and may be difficult to remove the next time you try to clean. One of the keys to long-term use of electronic cigarettes (VAPE) is to use moderate force.

POD type vape is convenient for busy business people!

POD type VAPE has been sold in recent years. Prior to this, most electronic cigarettes (VAPE) were PEN and BOX types. The POD type can be used only by replacing the entire ink cartridge containing the liquid or the coil, without the maintenance required when using the PEN type and the BOX type, such as cleaning and liquid injection labor. Because of this ease of use, VAPE has now become the mainstream in foreign countries.

This is in POD type VAPE (Bape), a My Blu-ray TM (My Blue), the official website and, Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Hokkaido, Aichi, Saitama, Kanagawa, such as easy goods corners You can buy it at some convenience stores in Ye. In addition, it is expected that the sales area will be expanded nationwide in the future and will be more easily available. As mentioned above, the POD type VAPE mybluTM has a coil and a liquid built into the seasoning box, so it can be maintained without removing the coil. Simply insert the seasoning box to complete the liquid replacement and maintenance. Electronic cigarettes (VAPE) are very suitable for business people who are busy at work. One of the characteristics is that there are more than ten exclusive flavors. It is easy to obtain and use, and a starter kit with all the essentials is on sale, so if you want to enjoy VAPE more easily and easily, why not try it? is not it.

So far, we have introduced how to open and replace PEN and BOX liquids. For those who have difficulty maintaining, there is also an easy-to-use POD-type electronic cigarette (VAPE). From beginners to advanced users, please choose the type that suits your taste and enjoy electronic cigarettes (VAPE).

Vape industry is about to change

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year for Vape in China. From manufacturers to distributors and stores, there will be a major reshuffle.
On the one hand Exseed Dabcool, the “Vape” national standard has entered the “under approval” stage, and the policy regulates the management of Vape; the “E-commerce Law” will also be officially implemented on January 1, 2019, which stipulates that all those engaged in the e-commerce industry must obtain relevant licenses And qualifications. On the other hand, market trends and Vape models have been quietly changing.

Just like the last words of CEO Joma Ollila on the day Nokia was acquired by Microsoft: “We did not do anything wrong, but for some reason, we lost.” After speaking, dozens of Nokia executives Can’t help crying!

From 2010 to 2018, Vape sales have increased by nearly 20 times. Vape users are estimated to be more than 35 million. China produces more than 90% of Vape, but consumption in the Chinese market only reaches 6%, which is far behind the US and EU markets. Even so, China Vape still has a market of more than 50 billion yuan! Timesvape Dreamer.

From the perspective of consumer groups, the Vape consumer group has gradually transformed from a player group to a smoker group. The market change is closely related to the development of iqos and the ban and the rise of nicotine salt technology. Judging Smoant from the search index, the user groups searching for Vape and searching for quit smoking have highly overlapped. Therefore, the main market forces in the future have basically locked the replacement cigarette market, and small cigarettes are already the general trend.

There are three main types of small cigarettes: disposable small cigarettes, cartridge-type small cigarettes and oil-filled small cigarettes. From the qualitative steam crave point of view of the small cigarette itself, its design is designed for the largest group of novices.

Secondly, from the current mainstream pod products on the market, whether it is in China or abroad, market practice has proved that pod-type pods dominate the mainstream adv vape. For example, Juul pod-type small cigarettes have an annual sales volume of tens of millions. Although China is not as fast as foreign countries, it has also reached the millions.

Because of the particularity and superior experience of the pod-type cigarettes, strong closed-loop repurchase consumption is formed, prompting consumers to continue to buy pods, thereby increasing customer stickiness and directly increasing the turnover and profit of operating stores. In terms of marketing strategies, merchants are also more willing  to recommend this simple and practical cigarette replacement kit to promote the prosperity of the pod-type cigarette market. Ehpro Cold Steel!

Having experienced the painful experience of domestically produced routine oil, the customized routine nicotine salt e-liquid is exactly the same as the customized routine e-liquid. The soup is not changed. Therefore, after the decline of the big smoke e-liquid, the nicotine salt e-liquid has flourished again, and the low threshold is also a relatively large hidden danger for the later period.

From the perspective of market development, China’s small cigarette market will return to traditional channels, and major brands are already vigorously developing. The reason why traditional industries can endure for a long time lies in the severe crackdown on disrupting the market operation order, strict price control, prevention of collocation of goods, and guarantee of the interests of operators at all levels. Without the support of profit, the store will not have good service and after-sales, and the final result will be passed on to consumers.

If there is no profit, there will be no promotion and operating expenses. If the brand is difficult to grow and grow Dovpo Squonk Mod, it will be passed on to the store, and products without brand awareness will form a backlog of inventory and difficult to sell. The essence of business operation is profit, not feelings. But the profit margin is very large and the profit margin is very small, which is not conducive to the development of the brand and the market; the huge profit margin will be unbearable for consumers, and it is destined to not go long.

The speed at which new products of small cigarettes continue to be introduced, seems to have returned to the era of last year’s great smoke, and new boxes and new atomizers will come out every few days. Some of these products do not have long-term plans, and they can take advantage of the market’s enthusiasm. It is not difficult to create explosive products in the short term, but the difficulty is that they are popular in the long term.
Short-term popular products must have problems in supply control, product quality and price system control. Therefore, if you want to maintain the long-term development of the brand, you must abandon the idea of ​​short-term speculation. Vape is now on the right track VEIIK Airo. The “Vape” national standard has been approved, and the “E-commerce Law” is about to be implemented. A small cigarette needs to have a good brand, good quality, good price control, and a product with capital to survive for a long time. Develop and grow.

The product positioning is wrong, the quality is not good, and the price control is not good. Products without a brand cannot survive. The product itself determines whether it can go, the model determines how far a product can go, and capital determines how wide a product can go.

The current Vape market does not have high brand awareness, but with the development of time IJOY Mystique Mesh Tank, novices’ brand awareness will gradually increase, and consumers’ choices will bring about a reshuffle of traditional online and offline stores. The combination of online and offline models will be a major trend, with offline channels for online diversion and online for offline promotion.
All in all, the development model of China’s Vape market will undergo a radical change in the future. It is important to accurately grasp the market trend and choose the right model and good method.

Comprehensive solution to the Vape market in Japan

In 2018, the Japanese vape ijoy mesh  market reached 1.2 billion U.S. dollars, and the compound annual growth rate for 2019-2024 is expected to be 22.6%. Factors driving market growth include manufacturers’ increasing product innovation, promoting demand for smoke-free and ash-free steam, and focusing on mitigating health risks in Japan.

By region, Kanto had the largest share of the Japanese vape market in 2018. The increase in the number of new users and ex-smokers has promoted the development of the vape market in the region. It is also the most urbanized region in Japan, and some major cities including Tokyo, Chiba and Kanagawa have all contributed to the growth of the vape market.

According to sales channels, the vape market in Japan is divided into vape shops, tobacco shops, supermarkets/supermarkets, online and others. Others include convenience stores, gas stations, vending machines, pharmacies, and general stores. Among them, online channels are expected to surpass tobacco companies in 2024 and become the largest distribution channel. There are relatively few obstacles to establishing a new online business, and it is considered the best platform to meet consumer needs. In addition, discounts offered by online merchants such as Rakuten and Amazon Japan are considered to dreamer mod be key factors for consumers to switch to online channels to purchase vape.

The Japanese vape market is divided into men and women by gender. Among them, male consumers accounted for a larger share of the Japanese vape market in 2018. For most female consumers in the region, tobacco liquid consumption is still a taboo, and this trend has affected the use of vape by women.
Japan vape market dynamics

Growth is the driving force The smoke produced by burning tobacco is equally harmful to humans and the environment. Vape eliminates the emission of smoke, on the contrary, the smoke produced is easily dissolved in the air within a few seconds. This greatly reduces the side effects of smoking. Since vape does not produce smoke and soot, it can be used in places where traditional cigarettes are harmful to health and smoking is prohibited. Because of this, smoke-free and smoke-free vape is driving the vape market in this country dovpo topside vape.

The introduction of various vapes and electronic vapor devices on the market has had a significant impact on consumers’ smoking attitudes. Vape is increasingly affecting the lifestyles of smokers and ex-smokers. Compared with combustible cigarettes, vape has less negative health effects, which is the main reason for consumers to use smok vape pen. Therefore, vape manufacturers are rapidly opening retail stores and vape shops to promote their products to cater to the changing lifestyle preferences of consumers in the vape market.

With the rapid increase in the number of tobacco addicted consumers in Japan, vape is becoming more and more valuable as an alternative to traditional tobacco smoke. Tobacco companies are shifting from traditional tobacco products to next-generation vapor electronic devices, because more and more people, especially young people, have serious health concerns due to smoking. The focus is to replace traditional tobacco cigarettes and provide healthier, less chemical vape technology. The Japanese vape market is expected to achieve tremendous growth during the forecast period.

The competitive landscape of the Japanese vape market

The Japanese vape market is fiercely competitive, with companies such as Philip Morris International Inc., Japan Tobacco Inc., British American Tobacco plc and Imperial Brands plc Apv vv mod. Is the main participant. These participants participate in mergers and acquisitions, and launch products to increase their market share.

Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco. , Altria Group Co., Ltd., Japan Tobacco Co., Ltd., Empire Brand Co, Ltd., JUUL Labs Co., Ltd., Shenzhen iSmoka Electronics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen IVPS Technology Co., Ltd., Innokin Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Conger Technology Co., Ltd., Pax Labs Co., Ltd. The company is a major player in the Japanese vape market.

Review about dovpo vv box mod basium squonk nickel 230w topside dual

Fold the superstructure is the latest vapeciga vv box mod, and two dual battery mod after Squonk Basium. They have existed for some years, but I have not personally tried many of their products – although I’ve reviewed your battery From up there one time, and I found it to be a good player. Again, this mod was designed by Brian of chronic steam also known as TVC, who designed a series atomizers fall.

The Dovpo Topside Dual mod uncommon Squonk 18650, or 200 watts with black and empty in front of the screen size and, as was the case with the battery topside, which is designed to be filled from the top without removing the bottle. It is available in 8 colors, all black on top and bottom.

This mod was sent to me by MyVpro cancel fee, which is currently available at a reduced price.

Price: $ 89.99 (in MyVPro)
Color: Black, silver, bronze, red, blue, purple, gold, green

Batteries: 2 x 18650
Watt range: 5-200 watts
voltage range: 1.0 to 12 volts
Dimensions: 88.5 mm x 54 mm x 42 mm
The resistance is 0.08 ohm 3
Load: 5V / 2A

Kit contents
mod double Topside
kit Squonk bottle (10 ml)
accessory bag
Micro-USB cable
warning card using the battery
users Guide
First impression
Dovpo x Double superstructure TVC Squonk Mod
When I came to this mod, it was pretty much what I thought. After reviewing the top of the original, the battery is only twice the original version, which also means a bit bigger. It is a little thicker for extra batteries, but beyond that, they are very similar. It comes with pre-installed firmware update along the way, and does not require an update to open the temperature control and vice versa, as was the case with the original superstructure.

Overall, I liked the design from scratch, since there are not many double-18650 Squonk mods commercially available. The latter only other thing I can think is topside squonk mod show new, double pulse, Dovpo Basium drones and of course much more expensive 250C.

construction quality and design
Dovpo x Double TTopside Squonk Mod
The superstructure mod Dovpo is very well built and well designed that it is very easy to hold in hand. It’s big and heavy, but it’s bigger than most mods Squonk dual batteries that use. I do not mind the size and weight of a person, but keep in mind for those who prefer a device that is smaller and lighter. In fact, all mod Squonk dual batteries would be a bit just to be able to sign two batteries and bottles Squonk in it. The shape is very ergonomic and easy to Squonk with the middle finger and ring finger. Squonked can even vaping on it, the design is so great there. I have money and good color. It does not shine, but it’s not a good carpet. It was somewhere between them and shows no signs of wear or chips. filler cap Stripes Squonk has a nice texture to make it easier to unscrew and screw.

No squeaker key at all in this mod. 510 big pin and gave me no problems with atomizers. 510 platform itself may be associated with the atomizer 25 mm without false quite easily with little or replacement. most aerosols covered in the market and should not be a problem unless you want to use a recommended daily dose of 30 mm – which is rare for people to use and just today. the screen is nice and bright 0.96-inch black and white screen that is easy to read. The USB port on the side mod and trigger buttons and dislocation. locking system tray battery is pretty standard background. Although I have a problem with the batteries and leave and do not damage the packaging, it is very difficult to open and close because the system bottles along the way. It should be easier to open and close, in my opinion.

Features and functions
Dovpo x TVC double superstructure Squonk Mod
In the menu system provides the following modes: power (no selection preheat) voltage mode, TC Ni200, Ti, and SS mode and TCR. It has all the basic mode, but no extras like power curve mode would have been nice, but not a big problem. There is also the “Statistics” menu showing smoke puff number and time.

What distinguishes the competition mods share the superstructure is a monitoring mechanism, which was very comfortable and the like to fill the tank filling. Same as the original, there is a knurled top and good grip mod must be unscrewed. After opening the lid, traction and has two holes to fill a good size for filling bottles. After filling, simply push the cover and push down on screwing. Very convenient and much less messy than removing the bottles for filling.

Vapeciga basium squonk mod bottles larger than most 10 ml, but had some problems while using which speak in the next section.

Use of the superstructure Dovpo Ganda
Dovpo x double TVC superstructure Squonk Mod
The superstructure of the double Dovpo (not the original) of the box with all the features and modes. The menu system is very easy to use as well.

5 Click the button to switch the fire on and off
Fire + adjust power mode TC
Fire + down to go to menu

  • Remote lock, but still you can drag the MOD
    When in the menu, simply use the up and down arrows to scroll up and fire to accept. -Right well done menu system. In electric mode, moving through all of 100 watts and 0.5 watts less than 100 watts, if you’ve done well. Holding the or buttons to quickly adjust the strength and the rear and downward Robbins.

Using mod for Squonk found I had a minor complaint, because it is difficult to see whether the bottle is full. Seen 75% to the bottom of the bottle through a cut, but not above it difficult to fill all the way unless you want to risk overfilling. Removing the bottle is quite easy, but you need to open the battery block, which as I said, it’s not easy to do first. In addition, the bottle was placed in the holder, so that all the support that has been removed, then remove the bottle for cleaning. We saw the same thing in the media Aspire feedLink mods as bottles and works well.

Squonking gave me more problems than the same origin. Squonks bottle well when it is busy, but once you about half without RSS e-liquid at the same level. I had to drive all the way and hand Squonk, and it was quite slow. This is problematic, but the bottle has a capacity of 10 ml had about 5 ml squonking right to begin to interfere.

power mode performance
Dovpo x double TVC superstructure Squonk Mod

The evidence in this dovpo nickel 230w mod click in with Sony batteries VTC5A. They list the specifications to 200 watts and 12 volt, but there are limits below ampere. I hope that record a third because I feel every manufacturer should do.

During my tests, achieving the maximum is 232 watts, so accurately assessed and can do little more than 200 registered. I get the limit is 40 amp amplifier, which is at the top of most dual battery mods these days – mostly around 37-40. The construction was 0.12 ohms to 195 watts, so thanks to high performance amplifiers, you can access almost full 200 watts, even with such a low overall resistance.

I limit a coil Ohm 0.61 volts is 11887, indicating that a booster circuit, since it must be based on their specifications. I see it as a bonus with a dual battery mod because many of them have no amplification circuit; they are not as important as changes to a single cell. Really limited by the resistance (232 achieved in the basement), which can reach the maximum voltage full 12 volts. very good performance there.

The good thing about this mod, have never topped with limiting amplifier volts or so I’m quite able to get a full watt with all my evidence that resistance from 0.12 to 0.61 ohms. During my tests, the Ministry of Defense has done a great job of not too hot. Even when pushed to its limits, he never had a hot, very impressive. It is more accurate to 0.15 ohms or less and less than 100 watts – beyond which tends to affect high, so recommend from about 10 watts lower than normally done to compensate. He fought at all, it is an impressive accumulation of 0.12 ohms. Overall it is a major player in the power mode.

performance mode temperature control
As I mentioned above, the double is equipped with a firmware update, which means that the TC mode is enabled on the table as it should be. I did all my tests with SS316 wire. For this model we tried six different buildings:

round only a single coil
single tower double coil
accumulation luxury two single-coil wire
A double coil cable build luxury

full strength is obtained to adjust the height as well and can be changed by force and using the shutter button. SS mode, very weak and anemic, so it’s not accurate enough to be used. So I went to fashion and TCR TCR 130 to rotate enough to get exactly where vaporizer is heated to about 450 F. However, this does not mean it’s good. Still choking roads too hard to give a good vaporizer and a little inconsistent in performance; I had to adjust the strength of each of the multiple aspirations to achieve the same breath he just received.

 Unfortunately, so far, I have not used topside dual get code TC mod no DNA double battery that is good, and twice does not change that. No worse than any other affordable option, but unfortunately a mod I recommend the use of CT.

pros and cons
Good build quality
Many colors (8 in total)
paint job
unique design
Both high filling systems
No rattle keys
the mode of good energy
large buttons and fire Clicky
Watt accurately assess
Great amp limit
Volt to accurately assess
Having the control circuit
Large black and white screen shining
Handle 25 mm without atomizers cantilevered
Easy to use menu system
No thermal pattern mode selection or watts
temperature control performance is not good
Without Squonk and empty half-bottle
the battery cover is difficult to open and close

Overall, Dovpo did a good job with this mod. He has a habit like most mods, because nobody is perfect, but it was a good performance in power mode, and I felt great that the drive circuit. and the innovative charging method works well and can fill faster and less complicated to me.

This mod is not fancy and it was a great young and old could do something. But if you do not use the temperature control and do not mind the size, this model is a good choice, but not much more than two or more solid Squonk 18650 mods available in the market.

What do you think top Ganda? Please let me know in the comments.

You can buy here:dovpo box mod  https://www.vapeciga.com/collections/dovpo

sourcemore thanks

Comment with dovpo vape vv box mods squonk basium topside dual

Vapeciga squonk box spray is the latest producer Dovpo. I have a ton of their product, but as they do VV mod M a few years, and dead and double work mods Squonk superstructures were also very good, so overall a solid company formed my limited experience of the end. D-salt is a capsule type system is simpler pen refills with pods and 1500mAh battery built in and breathe fire.

Specifications from the manufacturer:
integrated 1500mAh
Output Voltage 3.0 to 4.2 V
Micro-USB charging port
1A load
in pictures
Output depends on the battery
Max 26W Watt
integrated protection
The indicator light
compact Memory Stick
zinc alloy construction
118 mm 22.2 mm
E-liquid viewport
510 Drip Tip Compatible
specification coil
0.5 ohm
Coil single mesh
silicone plug Juice
Top filling
Included in the box:
A d-salt Device
Recharge the sheath
user guidelines
micro USB cable

Vapeciga vv box mods is a pen style AIO (all in one) Pod kit, which means no mod or a separate reservoir that can be used with other things. It has a replaceable pods for spare parts, but is sold separately and coils integrated into Caliburn as Renova or zero. Intelligent design is similar to the kit as GEMM freemax key DTL then most of the System monodosis a little larger than most, but I like the personal design.

device. Having a USB charging built with the level recorded 1A. I tried 2 times with USB line and meter rate charged to the specifications .91A Max is a good level position 1A listed. It cost a total of about 1 hour and 45 minutes. In 1428-1439 mAh battery size solid again with a note taped 1500mAh. Damn good ranking in the insurance dovpo. vaping passthrough and most (cost passthrough while without pause) if u can hit while charging. Another interesting feature is that the standard 510 drops in this way can use the tip itself, but as a suitable metal, including personnel.

The basium squonk shew new very well built, and a bit on the heavy side. I knew Cat black matte black body is a shiny metal parts bronze. It is a very nice and simple device, my only complaint is painting. Mine already has a lot of chips in only a few weeks of use. I can not imagine how it will be months from now. They have to do a better job in the paint.

Usage is quite simple. There are no buttons or settings or anything. Just breathe fire. LED low battery LED pinhole under USB port. I wish it was easier to see when vaping well that’s the only time he has been active to see the level of costs. Green LED to 3.95V or more to 3.65v to 3.95v Blue and Red 3.65V or less. the distance is good overall, but I hope no 4, but no big deal. pod fortunately clear and while it is fully enclosed in the battery is not good and large windows that make it easier jus jus great level to see it.

The dovpo vape mod get code comes with a 1 Pod is just sad. All kits should always include two coils / pods. They sent me two more sold in one package. There is a coil selection for this kit is 0.5 ohm coils KA1 nets. I use it every 50/50 and 60/40 juice salt nic 20-25 mg of nicotine.

Colors (5 results)
standard capacity of 4 ml
Good quality batteries
the right size for easy transport
a good record for the size of the battery
Good rating for the level of costs
cost is quite fast (1: 45min)
pods are easy to remove and install
easy to fill
vaping passthrough
excellent life of the battery
a good sense coils
clear and beautiful window pod juice
Standard tip 510 drops
The inconvenients:
2 3 coils have a shorter life than the coil
drove hard to see when vaping for battery life
equipped with a coil only
bad paint job

It’s bad enough. Your already chipping. It’s not a horrible device, even if I had a lot of them were pretty solid overall, but not really worth running to buy. I will not add to me dovpo topside dual click in associated spreadsheet below, you can check if you are in the market for anything.

rejection of products
This product was sent to me from Dovpo

Disclaimer comment
Because of the differences may QC your experience may be different.

critical warning
I do vape review since the end of 2016 and has performed more than 400 comments to date. I want to help vapers in the forum and contribute to communities large vape. I do not “off the beaten path” reviewer. I do my best to be full all the time and have considerable experience with many products to say what is good and what is not. All mods are tested with an oscilloscope and a stress test and the results are displayed in the review.

You can buy here:dovpo vape  https://www.vapeciga.com/collections/dovpo

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Comment about dovpo mod m vv squonk basium vape nickel 230w topside

Hello everyone and welcome to a new examination. Today I’m going to box mod by vpeciga Dovpo squonk mod. Squonker successful tape mechanics, Squonk remove the bottle, hybrid and what do you get? The clutch … The clutch is what you get. This system is basically like taking SQ217 Tips signature and turn it into a compact mechanical mod. I’m a fan of the SQ serial device, so I have to say is something that excites me a little.

mechanical coupling mod

Available in black, green, blue and red.

Dimensions: 79.5mm x 35mm x 27mm
Battery: 21700 Single
power range: Techniques

Other features: on / off switch off buttons customized advisory firm (SQ Topside style)

Since DNA75C smart has existed for a long time, I feel and I am very her. This is more or less a summary, so let’s go from start to finish how to operate it.

Ok, so my first impression will be the same with those who already have one, but go … it compact. Even the box it came in smaller than some pod systems have received. As I said in the introduction, because it removes some of the SQ squonking and go to hybrids, shorter height, and depth, making it one of, if not the only, 21700 mechanical mod there. Incredible, I thought the quality of the overall development is top notch as well. strong magnet strong body, doors and door fitting is still the place at all. When I passed my door seems to have added a few touches as well. A sleigh 3d printed battery, which is where the bus, the battery, and carefully place instead of a switch. PEEK also add insulation above, even if the atomizer to remove the battery, it is hard on the body of the device short. This is a key factor when I enter this use, and also think of their ideas. Another thing that caught my attention was a little on / off switch on the back. Block generation light bar and allows the clutch shots in the pocket without worrying shooting. Small details make a lot, so that a simple device that is much more convenient and secure. SQ217 as a fan, I could not be more impressed with what they do to stay compact, but still has all the great qualities that we see in mods SQBay battery – vapeciga dovpo m vv is behind the magnetic attachment to the door. SQ Same as previous devices, remains firmly in place and twisting machine when installed. The only it appears batteries easily and do not have toys. To remove, just to the side of the back door so you can get to the other side.

If you used the basium vape show new, knows that run button trigger finger style slot set in the device. Mod because so compact, I think I’m not fully grasp mod as it did before. Mino usually busy with three fingers in the throat and thumb on the back, not the palm.

Not like the way this is all hybrid connections. To use it correctly and I recommend that do not involve tears Mend previous atomizer battery, which then allows the battery to fall essentially of, or who can help push through a mod. Remember PEEK insulation of the above? This is where it is a key, such as the battery can move freely up and down without having to worry about a short circuit in the mod. This design works well, however, is also one of the waterfalls. According to the use of sprays and length of 510 pin, changing the amount of energy between 510 and negative battery contacts on the bottom. Using the 510 atomizers again, this puts more pressure on the bottom bar of silver. Using the most widely used and can eventually get overlooked. Mike dizzy himself even posted a video showing how users bend the top of the bar to set the time for it. On the other hand, if the sprayer is used with a short pin 510 batteries may be lost outside the door and toys in bits. bar burn care about him and that lasts longer. It works great and all, but it looks like it could have done something different to the adjustment. I can see that the bar has been weakened over time if the machine is used. Finally, only interrupted when the metal can not be folded slip back and forth constantly.

These sandals, throw it in your pocket, and you’re good to go. Another advantage is the quality. I always feel dovpo nickel 230w mod click in have some form and finish of the aluminum engine devices, but this is up to them all the qualities to do is mass produced in China. Dovpo really stepped up their game with the department and it shows.

Ok, so there are advantages and disadvantages, but the drawback is, for me, acting like a deal? Absolutely not. I really enjoyed using this mod. It is one of the few mechanical modifications to leave the house and feel safe to do so. The compact size is a curse and a gift, so a little weird, to be held but a big win in portability. However, the biggest thing he’s he is the performance. This surprising result is good and I use it all the flaws seem to hit a background in my mind. If that is not enough, add security features make it one of the best mechanical mods for someone who wants to enter them without spending a lot of money either. Well done Mike Dovpo and fried. This is a sweet little device.


lightweight design
21,700 batteries
FITS 25 / 26mm without false
Press feeling strong
Safety switch ON / OFF
Useful easy to clean
Hits hard (klise’cara say)
Great fit and finish

Thank you all for reading and thanks for sending topside get code a way for me to review. I saw it online for about $ 90.

Criteria Review: I use all of the elements for about two weeks I’ve collected enough data to write quite critical. I use the same e liquid in the tank or RDA through all my important to ensure that apples are compared to apples among all modern equipment. I put a notice until I am sure that I have used enough to give the learned critics. The reason I started doing poorly because of a critical decision in buying my time vaping about two years. At that time, I bought a different piece of hardware without thoroughly enjoyed it and hope people spend their hard earned money so much smarter than me! **** Please note that some items I can get an early version and not the retail packaging. The quality may be less than the finished product and what is in the package may be different from the packaging and retail.

You can buy here: dovpo mod  https://www.vapeciga.com/collections/dovpo

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