Cleaning the vaporizer – it’s that easy!

Clean the vaporizer

We all always start small. This is also the case with vaping, but you should be particularly careful after a few weeks. After all, we are not only talking about state-of-the-art and sensitive devices, but also about ingredients that are chemical in nature and can therefore even be hazardous to health if handled incorrectly. But in order to put an end to the black mark here, any dangers can easily be prevented by just maintaining your device a little and keeping it in good condition. But easier said than done, because we all started small at some point and we know very well that at the beginning of your vaping career you have little know-how about your device. Therefore, in this article we want to explain in a beginner’s way which components have to be cleaned when vaping and what you have to pay special attention to!

The vaporizer tank

The tank usually sits on top of the cordless device and is a separate part on most high quality devices. Ultimately, it is filled with the e-liquid and therefore runs the fastest risk of getting dirty or soiled. Another benefit of maintaining your devices is the improved taste of clean devices. For the most part, the simple variant of cleaning is sufficient, but every few months you should also use harder means.

Simple cleaning:

Simply fill a bowl with warm water. Then you should put all the individual components of your tank into the bowl until all residues of e-liquid and other residues have been removed. As soon as they flash again, don’t forget to dry them off! This works best with paper kitchen rolls.

Advanced cleansing with alcohol (every few months):

To do this, disassemble all components again. Now we want to wash the individual parts with alcohol to rid them of all bacteria. A step that shouldn’t be taken often, but is quite effective and useful every few months to guarantee full functionality. By the way, you can also use high quality and tasteless vodka! Sprinkle the alcohol on paper towels and start cleaning the individual parts until they are completely clean again. Then put the individual parts under warm water and wash them, again not forgetting to dry them. 

The Vape Coils (coils)

The coils are one of the most important parts of your device and are therefore subject to heavy use. At some point, however, the time will come when these too are above their zenith. In our experience, however, it is not advisable to clean them, because as soon as you wet them, they will burn out and no longer work. Therefore, you can actually only replace these parts, which then ultimately has to be understood as cleaning. Here are a few signs that you really should change your coils again:

  • they are dark in color, rusty or even damaged
  • your vaping sessions have tasted a bit “burnt” lately, even after the cleanup
  • your atomizer is running out
  • the vapor development is no longer as extensive as usual

By the way, the coils can simply be screwed out of the anchorage of your tank with a little twist to the left. Of course, this can vary from device to device, but for the most part we speak of uniform sizes and designs for coils. 

Maintenance tips

If you maintain your device well, you will not have so many problems with cleanliness and you will save a lot of time by not having to use the brush so often. Here are a few more tips for you on how to do this best:

  • Your tanks should never run even though they no longer contain e-liquid. This will overheat the device and, in the worst case, destroy the coils and the electronics. However, it is even more important that you do not make the device too full, otherwise it will lead to so-called “sipping” and leakage. In the worst case scenario, the excess e-liquid residue could run into the battery and cause enormous damage.
  • Also pay attention to the proper storage of your e-liquids. Temperatures that are too hot will destroy them and make them thinner, and the taste will no longer develop. However, thin also means that the substances run out more easily.

If you follow our tips on maintenance and then clean your device from time to time, you should increase the service life of your vaporizer considerably and save yourself a lot of time, stress and, above all, money!