Comment about Relx e-cig pods airisetch vape nokiva dry herb vaporizer

Friend of the Airis vape colors:

  • resin Azure
  • Black
  • Gem Blood
  • Carbon Fiber
  • cracked paint
  • Gray
  • Red


91mm x 47mm x 19.4mm

Tank capacity:

standard 3 ml
TPD Version: 2 ml

Battery: 1200mAh

This device comes in a colorful box, which is good, on the back side of the box, you can see information about the style panel and the number of email messages ml juice tank can hold.

In the frame:

  • PAL blood kit
  • Two coils
  • part of the glass tank
  • micro USB charging cable
  • replacement O ring
  • User’s guide
  • Warranty card
  • Certification
  • The game as a tool

I received this device with diamond panel beautilful blood, and I really like the way it looks. I think I like the style of this panel and blue resin. You can change the panel, you can buy different panels and change them whenever you want, and I really believe that the user can change the way the performance of the device. Under the panel, you can see the magnets that hold the panel in place, there are four magnets on each side, and a bevel magnet high retention.

On one side (the panel) without dry herb vaporizer of the brand, and in the same panel, You can see the shutter button. Insade panel is not set to “PAL”. At the bottom of the camera, you can see the ventilation hole and the text “reserved through the artery is fine.” There is also a notch at the bottom of each panel, this position helps when you want to remove the cover. In this device, you can also see the USB port of loading and the action of light for high-load USB port.
It is very easy and simple to use this unit, five, click the shutter button to activate and five clicks on the fire button to turn it off, in fact, nothing complicated here, and you can not make adjustments here and all the making of this camera a very good choice for beginners.
In addition to the USB port LED charging light, flaashes three times in blue when flashing the device and the light is red three times when the device is turned off.
This LED lamp is also a battery indicator. When the shutter button is pressed vape glows blue when the battery is more than 50% if the battery capacity is between 15% and 50% will be bright purple, and if the lower battery capacity to 15% of red light.
1200mAh battery capacity, which was very good, and beginer can use this device for at least two days to recharge.
The function of the apparatus as mechanical models when the battery is fully charged 4.2 V output capacity and power output will be reduced by reducing the capacity of the battery and the device is closed at 3.2V.
The maximum time for charging the battery of 800 mAh, and will be completed very quickly, you can use the device while the charger. When PAL is in the charger, LED lights and red light when the device is fully charged, stop light when the light is off, the device can be disconnected.

I must say that my friend is a very compact nokiva

, I like the way it was small and was not heavy at all, it fits perfectly in your hand or pocket for this device you can carry with you wherever you go.

At the top of the device there are drops of the tip, the tip 510 drops, and there are two O-rings therein. Excellent drops the Council position instead. I tried two drops of different tables and colors on the device, which is another advantage.
shutter button in the upper left corner of the device and sprained shutter button, shutter button missfire never known, works very well and I like how it feels when I hit him. At first he thought it would be difficult to click on the shooting position, my cousin used for the side buttons, but after a day using this system very quickly m “is not used and now I think the key is perfectly placed.

As part of the second panel, there is a tank, the coil and the chimney on the other side of the panel, can be seen for example respiratory tunnel through the tunnel, then the coil. Sometimes it is necessary to clean the air of the tunnel capacitor, but the reality is to do to clear the panel, so will be able to clean the device is excellent. There is no possibility that condensation can come insade device, the device is protected very well.
A substitute or coil cleaning and washing tank must be removed first drops tip must open the lid of the lower end of the store of currency received in the package. As part of this, so you have to push the coil and move up the battery, simply remove the chimney of the coil. There was a ring in the fireplace makes an excellent reel. You can not change the coil when email juice in the tank.

Hole and the liquid within the coil is placed very low, so that the coil will take the last drops of liquid in the tank without problems.
In the package, there are two coils, one is pre-installed and is rated 15-25 watts 0.7ohm coil, and the other is 1.8ohm coil nominal 5/9 watt ceramic. The 1.8ohm coil is perfect for high salt concentration and nicotine and nicotine juice.
Before installing the coils in the tank must be prepared ahead of time, so you need to drop several drops of liquid and insade coil, the coil is ready to be installed. You should start rolling because they want to avoid binding and if the coil is not purged, the coil will be destroyed.

a very good thing here in this device is the ability to use a roll of Nautilus, which is compatible.

Fill the tank is very easy, in fact, I was surprised functional, it can be filled quickly and smoothly.
You have to sneak under the glass of the tank, then take the bottle and fill it with e juice, there is plenty of room for you to use bottled here. This is the version of the device if snadard my tank has a capacity of 3 ml. I just want to mention the glass into the slot and there is no possibility to have the opportunity. The space between the glass and the seal and causes the liquid, so that all leaking. Overall, there are more closed parts of ships.

relx pods adjusted, and this device is designed for people who love vaping loose street style, you can even be used to direct the Vape limited lungs.

steam production is very good for mtl devices, there are a lot of steam. throat blow fine, im using a 10 mg / ml in this unit and I was very pleased with the success of the throat.
You can expect a very good taste and the use of these products 60% -40% liquid VG-PG and works well with Reel Me Liquid E, you may be able to use 70% vg, but ‘not proven that it is 60% VG.

Protection on these devices:

  • Overload protection
  • Protection against overheating
  • reducing to 8 seconds
  • Short-circuit protection
  • The light flashes red five times and PAL does not fire if the battery capacity is less than 5%
  • If the red LED flashes five times while the button and press the battery is charged, this indicates a short circuit and PAL will not fire
  • If the red light blinks tree when the button is pressed, indicating that the atomizer is not connected
  • pal has reached eight seconds a safety device switching. Blue lights flash five times and stop recording if the button is held for eight seconds. After a brief cooldown, PAL will be ready.

So I recommend this AIO easy device you can easily change the panel and I think it was very good.

You can buy PAL Arteria here: relx e cig