IJOY Captain Mercury Kit System Shogun Mod Diamond mini comment

Hi all, Anthony fried return here to discuss text links and video here,for my honest comments of IJOY Captain Tank. No disclaimer is necessary, I have to send it for review.

Battery master IJOY PD270 first double mod 20700. nominal 234 watts of the product is assembled. Available in three colors black, slate and brushed bow iris, but is only available in black. All three have a carbon fiber sticker, but available with a variety of colors and designs. Although the shaft 510 is not centered, without owners tank 30 mm false. It also comes with 2 IJOY 20700 batteryes the large battery. Judging by switching to 30 amperes and 3000mAh.

Specifications of the manufacturer:
Maximum power: 234W
Compact and portable
bright and large screen
No false tank 30 mm
Mod Box 20700 dual battery (battery included)
18650 single battery adapter
custom design with a unique experience
/ IT temperature control NI / SS
TCR function
custom single user
Resistance range: 0:05 ~ 3.0 ohms
USB charge carrier
Compatible firmware update

First impressions and features

When I first got this mod, IJOY Mercury Kit noticed was that it was a good-looking mod.

It looks like a larger version and a bit of class boxier SX Mini G. Almost like a cross between that and a cube of the key. This screen is nice and large with a good amount of information. Yes mod menu system is easy to click using IJOY 3 majority. This is not a feature rich mod by any means, but it has all the basics you want and arms IJOY Turn 3. The mod does not feel too large, then twice mods 18,650. It is very comfortable, so expect and generally liked the look of this mod. Now let’s go to acting

execution of the mode Watts
Let’s get some data. The good? This output of the amplifier 49 mod. Very impressive. I’ve never had a dual battery mod go over 40 and just hit 40. Most faucets 30-40. Only a few modifications to the battery triple and quadruple as high as 49. Even tap Maxo 315 and 365 wolves snow 40. Therefore, it is impressive. 212 watt limit drops below the limit of 234 volts 6422 announced so call 6.5. Watts and volt limit sad. Dragging voopoo reached more than 7 volts and many mods as foreigners are above 212 watt battery worst. I want to see the full 234 works as advertised. There are still more than 200 watts is not bad for a dual battery mod. This mod will also be very hot. There is a full mod itself or battery, but the plate mod. It gets very hot. It’s almost as if it absorbs all the heat atomizers. Never tried the MoD got so hot on top. As numbers go, the shooting was consistent signal, but not stable. He also hit a high occasionally and sometimes more. Only in some cases mod or less accurate. Without limit hit, a bad case of high power is 25 and a bad case of low watt 5. success, especially at the top. Except that he did not feel as I will explain in a moment. Also a couple of times, up to 25 watts output mod does not make a difference. This is not the first time I looked at the mod, but it’s pretty rare. For example, in an assay 0164-200 watts and 175 watts output is the same (197 watts) is equal to 0.373 ohms test increased from 125 watts to 100 watts produce the same results (111 watts). Then dripped in 75 places 100 watts. So drop mod 125-75 (difference of 50 watts) to convert only 11 watts total output (111-100)

Now let’s talk about why there was a big success. 510 pins in this mod is a bad player. Do not disassemble this mod to see the actual design of the pin 510, but I can say that is too deep for the first contact with very little spring to it and causes resistance to jump. Actually 2 of about 10 of my atomizers used in it, refusing to work (ie, the jacket 200 and aromamzier more) Above all, read much less resistance. Have read accuracy of 0.1 to 0.88, 0.15 to 0142 read, read .164 0.2 and worst of all that read in 0.373 .52. means that, in reality, for example, in a test of 75 watts to put me out of 100 is really dead approximately 72 mod simply do not realize that. The strange case of “Two Wrongs Make a Right almost” That’s why I do not feel like it was a great success. The combination of lower resistance reading and firing at high mod balanced for proper output. This is why I hate collaborators would be too much for the “touch” because really going to get an answer. Where could say the same use Atty in my DNA and is 75 watts and is almost the same, they will not be wrong, but it will be a case of pure luck changes that must be considered. Hell even a broken clock right twice a day. Overall I would say it’s a poor way of watts artist, either because the chip itself and the pin 510


Mode using wire IJOY Pod System Kit, short version is that not every step of the way.

You can watch the live video when it does well, but in my tests, even with the modest building (space coil to its simple once and double-spaced around the coil) with a single axle and saturated steam 550F morning . My best guess is that 510 pins. resistance jump suddenly makes temperature control. Mod same time, even lead to a temperature anyway. Only output temperature control urine bad this mod. The actual use of the double coil configuration imagination, temperature control also reduces too soon. It was like the air vaping. Not good at all. General I, this model could not control the temperature.

General impression
This mode watt performance in this mod is in all aspects. It was on par with the performance of this model in temperature control also simply horrible. Above all this mod has two important advantages for me. 1 is a battery (not disappointing) and the other atomizers Channel 30 mm. Unfortunately, when I put one of my favorites (aromamzier more) you will not shoot. I can not think of what the MOD personally. Not to mention, if you look at the video link me atomizers have a considerable difference in the Ministry of Defense and sat twisted too.

Equipped with battery
The batteries provided impressive (30a, 3000mAh)
Look and feel
Attys impeccable handle 30mm
the fashion watt performance
performance temperature control
The force could be better
510-pin and quality problems
So with all that said, I recommend this mod? I do not like or is not difficult, but leans strongly toward No. So much so I would call a no apartment. Unless you really want to try a new battery, I can not think of a reason to buy this mod. The fact that several tidak’bekerja atomizers in it, it really seems that the mode of resistance is watts and temperature mode does not work well. The data of the top plate becomes very hot. In fact, there is not much reason to have this mod. One thing I would like to say I have not checked the other comments, it is possible, maybe I’m wrong? IDK not noticed. I have a pending order for a rainbow. I try again when he came and updated if necessary, but now I avoid all mod personally.For good recommendations do not hesitate to consult my map Google This page will be regularly updated to please the locals.

It has 3 tabs for juice, for IJOY Shogun Mod, and 1 to Attys

Thanks for reading (or viewing or both) you.

As usual, Frei Anthony and I still sincerely hope you can say that you do the same and I see you at the next revision

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  • You can not use a standard tip 810 or 510 drops
  • Screen brightness
  • No c USB


  • The build quality is good
  • Pointe dropwise comfortable
  • easy to fill
  • No leakage
  • Lots of different coils
  • The head of RBA
  • capacity 5 ml
  • Two coils in the package
  • Good sense Coil nets
  • class weapon mod
  • shutter button Good
  • comfortable to use
  • Easy to use
  • The battery cover good
  • Extensive information on the screen

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You can buy it here: IJOY