IJoy Vaporizers

The ijoy Vaporizer and ijoy Shaker are two great electronic cigarettes. The vaporizer gives you a flavorful, aromatic e-liquid to enjoy. This is a convenient way to get a flavorful therapy at home without the mess of preparing liquid in a bowl or using a bottle. The ijoy Shaker gives you the top-quality temperature control you desire while enjoying your treatment. You can customize your vaporizer according to your taste by selecting a temperature scale.

ijoy vape

The ijoy Shaper vaporizer offers four unique models for all occasions. The Vaporizer Authority model has a stainless steel bowl that doesn’t heat up. It’s great for your first time vaporizing or for use in your vehicle. The Vaporizer Subscriber model comes with two pre-installed bowls for your convenience.

There is also the ijoy Savior which is very versatile. This can be used for both vapes, the Shaper and the Vaporizer. It’s made from durable, high quality silicone and has a large water reservoir for extra capacity. This model can be adjusted easily, so you can vary the temperature. The vaporizer is dishwasher safe.

The ijoy Survivor 2.5 is made with an advanced heating element and includes two bowls. There is a larger water reservoir. It has two temperature options, low and high. It is dishwasher safe and is the perfect size for both the Vaporizer Authority and the Vaporizer Subscriber models.

If you like smoothies and other beverages, the ijoy Vaporizer Two is a great choice. The vaporizer allows you to brew any beverage you like, including those with fruit flavors. There are a total of eleven temperature settings which means that you can choose the one that’s right for you.

The ijoy Supercharger is an economical option. This vaporizer can be plugged into any electric outlet. It is great because it has two speeds. You can turn down the low speed if you don’t need to use much power or get a powerful flavor. When you need more power, you can speed up the speed that is on the turbo option. The ijoy Super Charger makes it easy to do a vaporizer run even when you don’t have lots of vaporizer fluid.

The ijoy Hydrospray Trail vaporizer is a little smaller than the other models. The outer case is almost clear. It has an eight inch heating bowl and comes with two extended drip rings. The outer ring has a leak proof cap and will allow you to put in more fluid. The Hydrospray has a programmable function which will allow you to set the time and temperature you want your vaporizer to be at. It has a safety shut off feature as well.

The ijoy Smart Vaporizer is great for anyone who likes their vaporizers to be portable. It is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. It is also very efficient. You can use it on the job or to relax after a hard day at work. The advanced digital programmable setting allows you to customize the amount of time and temperature you want the unit to be at.

The ijoy Trilobator is a small vaporizer that is quite impressive. This vaporizer runs quietly. You won’t hear it running. However, if you want to hear what it’s doing you will need to turn on the sound. It is powered by one six-foot lamp. It heats up quickly and maintains the temperature throughout the session.

The ijoy Twilight features a double heating chamber. That means the first chamber is heated faster so you get more vapor. It has two temperature settings which are really useful. The two choices are sixty minute and ten minute. It is made for those who love to experiment. It is very efficient and produces large amounts of vapor.

The ijoy Idol is an eighteen inch high with a wide three inches of area. This vaporizer has two temperature settings, sixty minute and ten minutes. It has a quiet running fan and is very efficient. It is a good size and will sit on your counter or table top.

The last vaporizer we’re going to look at is the ijoy Echo. This vaporizer is made in the shape of a pen. It is four inches wide and two inches deep. It can hold two double-ended oil bottles. This vaporizer runs quietly and heats up fast.