Juice Bottles – Get Your Ijoy Vape!


The ijoy Vapor Menta is the newest in a long line of professional quality vaporizers. With eight different flavor options, there’s sure to be one that’s perfect for you. And if you love your fruit juices but don’t like the strong after taste of many tanks, this is a great option for you. Plus, it has two tanks so you can enjoy multiple flavors at once.

One of the best selling points about the ijoy Vapor Menta is its size and build quality. At only 9 inches long the tank is easily packed away and is big enough for two regular cups of juice. You won’t have to worry about wasting juice because the tank holds enough to get you through a full day. The larger coils allow you to get even more out of your flavorful blend. This professional quality unit comes with an automatic shut off, making it safe for your bank account.

Other professional juice making units include the MasterLiquid Nicotine Vapes and the Velocity Juice Pod. Each one of these units is packed with extra coils and comes with its own unique tank features. Each has its own benefits, so knowing which one you should get is up to you. Both have the professional quality built in, and they come in three unique colors. They are also made of stainless steel so they are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

The ijoy Vapemate has an all glass top tank and is perfect for anyone who wants the look of a glass bottle but with the convenience of a coil system. You get to choose from two different coils. It has the same flavorful blend as the rest of the line, but with a twist. You can get extra flavor or reduce the amount of vapor produced with the temperature knob on the tank.

There is a large coil system that is featured on the ijoy vape Tank. This gives you extra power to create great tasting e-liquid. The flavor is subtle but definitely there. You will notice it when you add more e-juice, but if you aren’t a fan then you won’t notice it at all.

The ijoy VWO Quartz Coil also comes in two different coils. One is designed for fruit flavored drinks and one for non-fruit flavored drinks. It has an adjustable temperature control with a long coil and is dishwasher safe. This vaporizer also has a tall stainless steel back plate and comes in two different colors. The color of the coils are pink and blue. The color of the tank matches the coils.

The tank on the ijoy VWO Blended Quartz Coil is not as wide as the other models, but it has a very delicious taste. The tank is also dishwasher safe. You can get the flavor boost you want with the vaporizer. There are eight adjustable airflow settings so you can get the perfect amount of vapor for you. The 2020Total Views of this vaporizer really blow the doors off of other vaporizers.

When you purchase the ijoy VWO Blended Quartz Coil you get the powerful features with all of the bells and whistles. This tank is great for anyone who wants to enjoy a flavorful and smooth vapor every time they want to sit down. The vaporizer is the one piece of equipment that makes this experience all that much better.

The tank features a front drip tray that will keep your food and liquids from dripping out and making a mess on the tabletop. The tank features the ijoy VWO Blended Quartz Coil in it. It offers up to four hours of continuous power when the battery has been on. You can get up to twenty minutes of continuous usage. When the battery is turned on and turned off you can get sixty minutes of power.

The vaporizer has a one year warranty on the battery and one year warranty on the box mod. The ijoy VWO Blended Quartz Coil comes with the vaporator with the vaporization system included. This vaporization system will help you create your own e juice that is all organic and free of any dangerous chemicals. You do not have to use a blender to do this.

These juices are perfect to quench your thirst without the need to go to the store for a bottle of soda. With the ijoy vaporizer you are able to quench your thirst with your very own juices that are ready to take on a walk or a ride around your neighborhood. You can order your ijoy vaporizer online and will receive the tank, vaporizer, and drip trays in three business days. When your order is shipped you should receive your juices in three to five business days.