Mod Review – An Aegis Boost and Jack Rabbit Pod Kit by GeekVape

The GeekVape AEGIS Boost vaporizer may not be the most affordable vaporizer available on the market today. However, it does have several key features that make it stand out amongst other vaporizers on the market. The GeekVape AEGIS Boost provides a high amount of vapor per draw. It has an impressive amount of wattage for a device of its size. Many vaporizers may boast about watts, but do not have the amount of wattage or the durability to back up those claims.

aegis boost

The GeekVape AEGIS Boost utilizes a high wattage device that is extremely efficient. This vaporizer is a very small, medium sized, full sized electronic smart vaporizer with two different kits. The AEGIS Boost comes with a unique charging system also. It also has what they call their throttle mod included. This feature allows you to change your vapor output based upon the actual temperature of the room.

One key feature of the aegis boost is the built in airflow control ring. This ring provides variable air flow control, which helps to regulate your draw. The ability to set your airflow control ring to a low speed will help you get a steady draw without too much airflow. You can also set your airflow control ring to higher speeds if you find that your AEGis Boost gets overheating quickly.

The only downfall of the aegis boost is that it does not have a battery life indicator. The battery life indicator on this vaporizer runs a light glow, so that you know that it is on but it does not provide you with a way to tell how long the battery life is. In order to tell if the battery life is still good to use the power and time feature. On the bottom of the aegis boost there is a button you can push to turn the light on and off. The battery life on this unit is terrible.

With all the hype surrounding the aegis boost it would appear that they have some sort of a problem with the batteries. Well, the hype was true and the vaporizers produced a lot of vapor but the taste was a let down. The flavor produced by the Geekvape AEGis Turbo Pod System was decent. Some people might not like the taste but I found it to be decent. I did not test the pods because I do not use the flavor system much.

The vapor quality of this unit was great. There was no discernable dry taste or metallic taste like you get with other systems. The AEGIS Boost also produced a good amount of vapor with the heater built in. The system also has a built in LED flashlight, which is a nice touch but does not change the fact that the aegis boost is a cheaply made electronic device.

One thing I do not like about the aegis boost is the batteries. The AEGIS boost comes with two triple-A batteries, which are not cheap. They do seem to hold a charge well. However, they do not hold a charge very long. This could be because of the heat that the device gets from the turbo pod system.

When you use the aegis boost with the jackaroo pod kit you should be able to get close to the wattage you got with the aegis boost. This may be because the turbo pod system takes a bit longer to heat up. Other than this, the jackaroo pod kit is a great product that will keep your devices running cool. Also, it comes with a three year limited warranty and is extremely easy to use. If you want to upgrade your mod to the aegis boost without paying a lot of money, you should look into using the jackaroo pod kit.