The Dangers Of Female Smoking And The Need To Quit

More women than men are smoking, but scientists have found that women are more likely to smoke than men. Women who smoke are more likely to get lung cancer than men and have a shorter survival time. Smoking in women also causes menstrual disorders and early menopause. So the sooner women quit smoking, the better.

The dangers of female smoking and the need to quit

So how can women quit smoking? Specific relx pods smoking cessation is different from person to person, needs to make a detailed plan according to their own smoking age, environment, and other actual conditions. The following set of measures and measures can help women smokers to quit smoking.

1. Gradually reduce the frequency of smoking relx e cig: when you want to smoke, try to prolong the time of a cigarette, smokeless, and smell more, sometimes it is just a heart addiction, try not to smoke into the lungs.

2. Reasonable timing of quitting smoking: Quitting smoking before ovulation significantly improved the quality of eggs. Research shows that women who quit smoking after ovulation are more likely to experience withdrawal reactions that affect their physical and mental health.

3. A rigorous quit plan: Have a reasonable quiet time plan, a fixed time for smoking, a fixed amount of smoking, and then gradually reduce.

Supervision from friends and family: This is very important to keep you awake during times of stress and to make you feel like quitting isn’t just for you. Increase your responsibility and confidence.

5. Don’t surround yourself with nokiva smokers: Birds of a feather flock together. If you surround yourself with smokers regularly, you won’t give up smoking.

6. Eat healthy fruits: Choose healthy fruits or chewing gum instead of smoking.

7. Exercise and reasonably plan life: Strengthen physical exercise and build up the body to resist withdrawal symptoms, and make airis vape reasonable arrangements for your life to enrich your life, without giving yourself the opportunity to light cigarettes.

8. Boost your confidence: Reward yourself when you’ve been productive by buying yourself a fancy gift or nice outfit that will make you feel more accomplished.

But remember: the above measures may help you to quit smoking, quit smoking is the most do not give yourself excuses, otherwise will not only fail time and time again will make you lose confidence in quitting. In the process of quitting smoking, e-cigarettes can also be used as auxiliary dry herb vaporizer smoking cessation tools to help reduce the discomfort brought by early quitting smoking.