Tips For Getting Started With E-Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes

Airistech Doo VV Box Mod 450mAh

1, what is the mechanical Vapefly Sell, mechanical rod as the name, is machined hardware, and then assembled by several parts of the rod, the current directly through the heating wire to achieve short circuit work.

To play the pole, you must first learn the basic calculation formula, how to calculate the current, how to calculate the wattage, the relationship between wattage and the resistance value of the heating wire.

2. What is a mechanical box? A mechanical box is a metal box with the appearance of a box.

3, what is the regulating voltage (watt) box, regulating voltage box is a kind of voltage (watt) box, a resistance value can be adjusted by the voltage (watt) to achieve its heating temperature.

4. What is a temperature control box? The temperature control box is a box that directly adjusts and controls the temperature of heating wire, but only the specified heating wire material can be effective (pure nickel Ni200).

E-cigarettes are safe to use

1. Understand the working principle of Airistech Vape and various causes of short circuit

Before buying e-cigarettes, you must first understand e-cigarettes, and the DIY process needs to understand each structure of the atomizer.

2. How to avoid short circuit

The place is most often present in short circuit threaded joints, and in the middle of the electrode, installing a fever wire, to power off and remove the atomizer installation as far as possible, the heating wire was done, with the method of a quick switch, check the heat wirework, great smoky heat wire tightly wound must burn red again electrify, these are small problems, but we must avoid all unsafe.

3. Safe use of batteries

Each type of battery can withstand the maximum discharge is different,.Do not know the case, the battery operating temperature has a heating phenomenon, it is his overload phenomenon, for safety and battery life, it is best not to overload.

Tips for getting started with Ofrf Vape Mod

Airis Dabble Vaporizer Kit

A topic of concern for e-cigarette players

1. Which e-cigarette is safe and will explode? Let me tell you, noWotofo Podcan guarantee 100 percent safety, because most safety is not in the product, but in the player, the chance of explosion is more difficult than winning the lottery, don’t worry too much, you should learn more about safety.

Some people will be allergic, just like some people will be allergic to fish and lobster. However, it has something to do with personal health. With the development of science and technology, tobacco oil products will become healthier and taste better.