Vapeciga Review – The SMOK NOVO and SMOK NOVO X

If you are new to vaping, you may want to start with the SMOK NOVO. The sleek, ergonomic design and large capacity make it an ideal starter vaporizer. Its customizable touchscreen allows you to change the flavors and adjust the temperature. Its pod system allows you to choose between three different flavors and comes with two refillable batteries. You can also backward-compatible with the novo series. If you already have a SMOK e-cigarette, you can switch out the 0.5-ml pods.

smok novo

If you’re a beginner, the novo is a great option. It’s small, portable, and requires only a few puffs to work. You can purchase the NOVO online or from a retail store. This vape pen is one of the most popular e-cigarettes available and has won several awards. You can buy it at a local retail store or buy one from an authorized retailer.

Unlike the Novo, the SMOK NOVO is very portable, only requiring a couple puffs to achieve vapor. Its battery lasts a long time and is rechargeable via the micro-USB port. The SMOK NOVO X is an upgraded version of the novo with a larger battery, a type-C port, and a full-color screen. If you are looking for a powerful vaporizer, the NOVO X may be the perfect device for you.

The SMOK NOVO was released a couple of years ago, but it has only recently made its way into the US. Despite being a few years old, the updated version is more powerful and offers a longer battery life. The Novo is backwards-compatible with novo pods and has an LCD screen. The SMOK NOVO X offers a dual battery system for a more advanced vaping experience.

The SMOK NOVO is a compact and highly portable vaporizer that needs only a few puffs before it fires. The SMOK NOVO is designed for convenience and is backwards-compatible with older novo pods. Its large screen makes it easy to navigate and use. There is also a built-in micro-USB port that recharges the SMOK NOVO.

The SMOK NOVO is a popular starter vape, thanks to its size and capacity. It is easy to carry and is lightweight. The SMOK NOVO also has a touchscreen that shows how many puffs have been taken. If you are a new vapor, the SMOK NOVO will provide you with a satisfying vaping experience. Its large battery and adjustable 510 connection make it a great choice for newcomers.

The SMOK NOVO has a built-in battery. It is capable of generating a 900mAh vape, which is more than enough for beginners. The SMOK NOVO is easy to operate, with a micro-USB port and built-in pod. Its design is sleek and easy to use. For beginners, the SMOK NOVO is an excellent choice. This e-cigarette is a convenient and portable starter unit for anyone who enjoys vaping.