vaporesso vape gen swag target pm GTX zero pods luxe review

I received a gift from swag kit vape the purposes of this review.

Vaporesso of podstick Color:

– Black

– blue

– Gold

– money

– splash

– ghost

Description and features:

– Dimensions: 18 x 22 x 111mm

– Pod Capacity: 2 ml

– Terminals: 1.3ohm CCELL mesh 0.6ohm

– Battery: 900 mAh battery integrated

– Battery indicator: 20% -40% -60% -80% 100%

– Charging current: 1A

– Material: PCTG, aluminum

– sub-ohms Installation and MTL vaping

– LED indication of battery level 5

– Automatic recognition of the coil to reduce the rap

Richest contact area 5 times larger to heat faster and taste –

– in the PTF above combined with a cap on increased child safety PodStick more shear

In the frame:

– Kit PodStick

– Terminals – CCELL 1.3ohm (pre-installed) 0.6ohm fused (in the box)

– E-juice bottle

– USB Cable

– User’s Guide

– Warranty card

Vaporesso GTX

vaporesso gen is a compact device that can be used to Mtl vaping vaping dl or restricted. Podstick comes in six great colors were very nice. Good package, the package will receive two cartridges were very good in my opinion and also in the package, you will receive a bottle to be used to fill the cartridge.

build quality of the device is good, I can not fault the quality of the device. From the front of the device you can see “PodStick” and “Vaporesso” and on the back you can see the logo. It is a very compact device that is comfortable to use and the device is easy to pocket.

Let me start with the cartridge, the cartridge, you can see the tip substituted drip and advice is very convenient to use in my opinion. From the top of the cartridge, you can see a sample of recorded arrows and push up where the pieces to fill the cartridge. So here we have the charging system is very interesting and I can say it works very well and slide the system works better than a similar system average whcih is really good. When the top is pressed, you can see the fill hole and here is the key to the system that works very well filled. With a bottle of your package you can refill the cartridge without any problems and I think we will be able to fill the cartridge, even with a bottle of gorilla.

The capacity of the cartridge is the large capacity of 2 ml if this product is used with the 1.3ohm coil and the molten salt nic. black cartridge so it can be a bit difficult to see the mail liquid in the cartridge can be a disadvantage for someone. From below you can see the connection cartridge and the cartridge is very good in places and there is no possibility of falling.

Receives two cartridges packaged with different coils, cartridge I mtl a coil is inside and this is CCELL 1.3ohm resistance coil with another cartridge pack is limited to DL vaping and this cartridge has a mesh within the coil one 0.6ohm resistance, in my opinion, was very nice including two cartridges in the vaporesso target pm80


From the top of the camera, you can see the groove of the cartridge as said cartridge remains perfectly in place. From the bottom of the camera, you can see the USB port used to charge the battery. This device has a built-in battery has a capacity of 900 mAh battery which in my opinion is a great capacity for this device.

From the front of the device you can see the button fire button fire and withdrawal dislocation. shutter button works very well and have no problem. Low shutter button you can see the battery light and head as you probably know I really like the battery indicator on a device like this. Battery indicator device is good and I liked it.

So every time the shutter button is pressed, you will see a battery indicator:

5: 100%

4: 80%

3: 60%

2: 40%

1: 20%

To activate it you must click 5 times on the fire button and turn it off, you must do the same. In this unit, you can change the way many people work and going to like. Therefore, when the unit is turned three times to press the fire button and light around the button flash fire in one of three colors:

light red: CCELL coil 9W / 17W mesh coil

light blue coil CCELL 10.5W / mesh coil 20W

Green light: CCELL coil 12.5W / mesh coil 22w

Protection on these devices:

– Protection of overtime

– Short-circuit protection

– No load protection

– Low-voltage protection

– Over protection costs

How do these devices work and my thoughts:

vaporesso luxe mod is a small device and it is very convenient to use and can use this unit to MTL vaping vaping dl or restricted, but the device is very simple to use that it is very important to many people and beginners.

This package is very good because in the package you will receive two balls and a bottle to be used to fill the cartridge. It is very simple and easy to fill the cartridge with a bottle of the packaging and the sliding part is very well built so you will not have a problem here. According to my system contained in these devices it is very good. The capacity is the capacity of a large 2ml especially when using the device with coil MTL use I.

zero pods built in battery and has a battery capacity of 900mAh which still is fine if this product is used with the MTL coil and I belive many people will use the device to vaping mtl. In this device, you can change the mode of working, a big plus and also very easy to change the way they work. Here is a very good indicator of the battery and you can see much clearer when you need to recharge the battery.

I love and believe me CCELL coil that people who receive these devices as this coil. I must say that to begin with, when the cartridge you wait a few minutes to avoid full complement.

Good taste, as I said, I really like CCELL vaping MTL coil with Ei really the taste of the liquid. Airflow with CCELL coil is very good and the air flow is really good for MTL vaping, if you like Reach this is for you. and helical mesh work, good taste and this coil DL that is highly limited interest. Personally, I want to use this device to vaping mtl with my nic saline.

All I can say is that this works device very solid and has an internal battery that is good, too airflow of the street style vaping good for me and good taste with my e-liquid, so If you are looking for something like that, you can consider this,


– black cartridge will be difficult to see the liquid level email


– Choice of colors

– Good build quality

– Easy to use

– Pocket Friendly

– comfortable

– 2 ml capacity

– No leakage

– The good taste

– very good to draw CCELL coil MTL

– Two cartridges in the package

– Bottles Packaging

– easy to fill

– The battery indicator

– Operating mode

– 900mAh battery

Thank you gift from the sky

You can buy it here: vaporesso kit