Wotofo Pod Cartridges Review

Wotofo is a Chinese brand that is renowned for its rebuildable vape products and compatible accessories. Since its founding in 2012, the company has lead the RDA and RTA industry. The company’s products are made to be durable and long-lasting, and they are a great choice for advanced users. These rebuildable vape tanks are also great for making your own coils and cotton, which will improve the quality of your vapor.


To get started, you will need a Wotofo pod mod kit. This starter kit comes with a refillable coil pack and parts for building PnP coils. The Wotofo PnP coils feature 0.2 ohm resistance and are compatible with VG and PG liquids. You can use the Wotofo starter kit for both dry herbs and e-liquids. You will need to prime the wicking with nicotine liquid to get the most out of it.

The Manik Pod Mod is Wotofo‘s first pod mod. It features a newly developed nexCHIP, and is a single-battery pod system powered by an 18650 battery. The Manik Pod Mod uses a 4.5ml refillable cartridge. This prevents you from having to fill the e-liquid pod with liquid too frequently. It also has a waterproof connection so that you don’t have to worry about short circuits. This makes it safer to vape anywhere, and it also provides an excellent experience.

The Manik Pod Mod is Wotofo‘s first pod mod. The new nexCHIP allows for faster heating and cooling, resulting in a more satisfying vaping experience. It’s also one of the most convenient pod systems. It has a 4.5ml refillable cartridge that eliminates the need for frequent e-liquid refills. The Manik Pod Mod has two 0.5ml liquid tanks.

In addition to collaborating with a variety of brands, Wotofo also offers many rebuildable products. With an array of options, these products are popular among the vaping community. And because they are rechargeable, they don’t have to be disposed. Instead, they can be used over again for a lifetime. These devices do not require a battery to last, and you can also use them in the car, while you’re on the go.

Whether you’re looking for a vape pen that offers a high level of performance and durability, Wotofo is a great choice. Not only do their pens come with a rechargeable internal battery, but they also come with a variety of refillable flavors. These refillable devices are designed to last between one and four years, so it’s a great option for active users who are constantly on the go.

One of the major advantages of Wotofo is its prebuilt coils. The company’s prebuilt coils come in tube-shaped containers and are ready to use. The braided coils are the most popular among consumers, and they offer a great vaping experience. These coils have a built-in resistance of 0.24 ohms, which is ideal for RDAs. In addition to offering prebuilt coils, Wotofo also offers a variety of different kinds of rebuildable tank atomizers.