Wotofo Review – Wotofo Smrt P NP Kit and Coils

Wotofo is a wonderful new coffee brewer that is perfect for people who love drinking coffee and want convenience at a coffee shop. Wotofo also makes other great products such as their coffee cups, burlap coffee bags, and coffee k-cups. Here Wotofo discusses their newest product wotofo profile rda.

Wotofo Profile RDA: The Wotofo Profile RDA is a great new single serve coffee maker. It has two chambers with adjustable air flow. It has an insulated chamber that keeps your beverages hot or cold. There is also an insulated bottom heating element to make your beverages hot right from the start. The mesh filter that is included is a thick nylon mesh. With the dual mesh deck you can divide by 2 and use the separate chambers to mix and blend your favorite flavors.

Wotofo Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA 28.5mm

With the Wotofo Profile RDA you have the ability to control the amount of vapor production by changing the mesh coils. The higher the mesh coils the more efficient your machine will be in generating flavorful oils, butters, and blends. There are many different Wotofo Profile RDA models available in different sizes and styles. Some have one chamber, some have two chambers, some have three chambers, and some even have four chambers with a sliding glass door for easy cleaning.

Wotofo Smrt P np: The Wotofo Smrt P and model is unique because it allows you to create a very intense, personal flavor experience. You can control how much flavor you want and still create a very flavorful beverage. The Wotofo Smrt P np refrigerator is made with nickel free plated steel. You can choose the two options, the “personal flavor” setting which add vanilla and raspberry to your drink, and the standard option, which leave out all the additives to create your very own flavor. The Wotofo Smrt P np refrigerator allows you to use a combination of two of the chambers to create three different flavors and comes standard with a six ounce exterior container.

Wotofo Profile RDA-X: The Wotofo Profile RDA-X is equipped with a two-inch stainless steel back plate. It is extremely durable and is designed to give you the ability to use the cooler on either the top or bottom of your vehicle. This unit can be used for any vapes that utilize a dual air flow system. It is equipped with four interchangeable drip tips that can be changed out to give you a style of cooling that best fits your needs. This unit is equipped with two interchangeable interior panels that offer a total of ten Drip Tips, and it has a very easy to clean design.

Wotofo NeX Mini RDA: The Wotofo NeX Mini RDA is another great choice for the individual vaper that wants to have the freedom of being able to use their cooler on either the top or bottom of their vehicle. This unit is the perfect companion for the new Wotofo Profile RDA-X and also has a two-inch stainless steel back plate. The NeX Mini RDA has a two-chamber design with one chamber offering a high yield nicotine concentration. It also has a replaceable stainless steel drip tip that offers the user the ability to change the amount of nicotine that flows through the venting system.

Wotofo NeX Platinum RDA: Wotofo has once again created a product that offers the vaper a great option in their lineup of coolers. The Wotofo NeX Platinum RDA is loaded with a lot of great features that make this an easy favorite among the Wotofo users. It has a dual battery charging system that allows the user to change batteries at any time. It has a powerful triple A battery, a full digital LED display, and a safety shut off. This unit has a standard sized box that accommodates both the standard nicotine dose, and a larger dose of herb such as the famous Jack Black.

Wotofo Smrt P in Kit: Wotofo Smrt P np Kit comes with three different kits that are perfect for different situations. The Smrt Flavor Kit has flavors such as French Vanilla, Caramel Apple, and Banana Cream. The Vanilla Custard Kit offers flavors such as the classic V8, but with a twist. The Caramel Apple gives the smoker a caramel flavor while the Banana Cream adds to the chocolatey-baked flavor. The newest in the line, the Flavored E Liquid gives the smoker a blend of fruit juices including the popular Fruit Colada.